Reed and Emma | Engagement

Emma and Reed. I just love you guys.

This session was a lot of experimenting. I had so many things I wanted to try and these two were so willing to try anything and we had so much fun. They are two of the sweetest people. When I meet them I instantly felt like we were old friends.

Having a relationship with my “clients” is so important to me. To me you aren’t just a client or another booking. I really see my couples as friends. And I love so much when that natural connection happens!

After this session I realized that my photography has gone through a lot stages. There have been times where I have been super drawn to serious images and posing. Don’t get me wrong I do love a good moody photo. But lately I have been out to capture every joyous interaction, hug, moment of silliness, and even weirdness between my couples that I can. I find myself making it a challenge to capture these moments because this is what love is like. And those are the moments I want my couples to look back on and remember.