Jimmy and Reyna

I told Dakota on our way home from this session that Reyna and Jimmy were my dream clients. Their love and connection was so easy to capture. Theses two adore each other and it made me happy that this is my job.

Since moving here in January we have visited Sedona 3 times. The drive up there is almost as gorgeous as the red rock mountains. There are so many stops and gorgeous views. We stumbled upon this location on one of our trips and I knew I needed to do a shoot here.

Being a photographer looks like a glamorous job but honestly, it is really hard. There are so many things and factors that play into what this involves but when you have those moments of excitement when you just get out and shoot it makes it all worth it. I love that I can meet new people and photograph their love. Making art by capturing relationships as unique as they each are is a gift. I can’t wait to cross paths with all the others that I will get the privilege of capturing in the future.