Brandon and Hayley | Chicago Wedding

I will mostly likely cry at your wedding. After attending and photographing so many I still am affected by the beautiful picture of what a wedding represents. Weddings are something that just really affect me emotionally. The image of a father giving away his daughter to a groom is such a beautiful picture.

Hayley and Brandon’s wedding brought teary eyes even after the wedding was over. As I sorted through and edited the photos I just couldn’t help but smile and even get choked up by how special these two are.

Their untraditional first look quickly became one of my favorites when I found out that they wanted it to be at a coffee shop because of their love for coffee.

Even before officially “getting ready” these two wanted to see each other. To me this is the perfect example of why I LOVE first looks. Brandon and Hayley were able to just enjoy the day. They were able to slow down, enjoy each other, and do what they love, sip coffee and have simple conversation about the excitement of the day.

Hayley and Brandon I am honored to have been able to be apart of your day. 🙂